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iRosesilk™ Eco-Efficiency Fuel Saver

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iRosesilk™ Eco-Efficiency Fuel Saver

BOOST UP TO 30% of your fuel efficiency with iRosesilk™ Eco-Efficiency Fuel Saver

Amidst rising global oil prices and increasing environmental consciousness, the iRosesilk™ Eco-Efficiency Fuel Saver offers a timely solution for vehicle owners. It is designed to address these challenges, offering a dual benefit: it not only enhances fuel efficiency but also plays a critical role in reducing harmful emissions. Fully complies with international safety standards. Easy to install, no additives, no clogging, no need to modify any devices, does not harm existing electrical wiring, no electromagnetic interference, no service fees, completely free maintenance. Using this card can improve fuel combustion efficiency by 10%-40%.

Retail gasoline prices hit all-time record - AAA | Reuters

Harnessing advanced Nano Negative Ion Reaction Technology, iRosesilk™ revolutionizes the way your vehicle consumes fuel. It works at the molecular level to improve combustion efficiency, leading to reduced fuel consumption and lower emissions. Ideal for both personal and commercial use, iRosesilk™ is an indispensable upgrade for any vehicle, especially in today's eco-conscious and economically prudent world.


Listen to the Satisfied Customers...

This fuel-saving device has proven to be highly efficient. Previously, I used to incur significant expenses on gas each month. A friend of mine suggested this compact device, claiming that it greatly helped in reducing fuel consumption for their vehicles. Intrigued by the idea, I decided to give it a try. I am pleased to report that the device has lived up to its reputation. Since purchasing it, my gas expenses have decreased by an impressive 40%, bringing me great satisfaction.

Jerson Conway, 32, Miami

Since incorporating this device into my car, I have observed a multitude of benefits beyond fuel cost reduction. Notably, it has significantly enhanced the performance of my vehicle. The overall operation has become noticeably smoother, surpassing the performance levels I experienced when I initially purchased the car several years ago. Undoubtedly, this device has been a game changer for me. The engine now emits a more pleasing roar, and the combustion of fuel has become remarkably efficient.

Ronald Jones, 35, Norfolk

How iRosesilk™ Works

iRosesilk™ Eco-Efficiency Fuel Saver harnesses Nano Negative Ion Reaction Technology, using nano-scale negative ions to break down fuel molecules into smaller units for more efficient combustion up to 40%. This results in finer atomization of fuel in the engine, leading to complete burning, maximized energy output, and reduced emissions.

iRosesilk™ not only improves vehicle performance through optimal fuel use but also lowers environmental impact by cutting down exhaust fumes. Additionally, its dynamic response enhances fuel combustion over time, with noticeable power increases and greater fuel economy from the second or third tank onwards, making it a smart, eco-friendly choice for all vehicles, particularly diesel engines. (Petrol Diesel, LPG Engine are applicable)

"Fuel Saving" and "Enhancing Power"

The latest quantum physics breakthrough technology invention from Germany—The latest generation "Eco-Efficiency Fuel Saver Chip".  Fuel Saver is a handy device that has been built to assist in saving you fuel without the need to invest in costly modifications. With it, you’re assured of saving money every time you visit the gas pump.

The product utilizes nano negative ion reaction technology, with a chip embedded to release 23,000 units of negative ions, energy, and FIR to change fuel molecules from "grouped" to "individual molecules" focusing. This resolves the negative ions of fuel molecules, reduces surface tension, enabling better atomization of the fuel, and enhances the combustion rate.


It will immediately decrease emissions with reductions ranging from 10-20% in newer gas engine applications to 80% in some older engine applications, over 40% in diesel engines (trucks, trains, ships), and over 60% in all coal fired power plants, while fuel efficiency increases up to 30%, depending on the age of vehicle, model, engine type, etc.  

Reduces carbon buildup, extends the life of the engine

It helps all fuel molecules become smaller and easier to burn. After complete combustion, it enhances power and achieves a saving effect. At the same time, it can reduce the emission of harmful gases, reduce carbon buildup, and extend the life of the engine. 

RoHS Compliant

iRosesilk™ Eco-Efficiency Fuel Saver is the only certified and proven Fuel Additive Product that can effectively change the global trends we are facing. Its unique ability to restructure hydrocarbon molecular chains dramatically reduces all toxic petroleum emissions. This includes the major pollutants of nitrogen oxides (NOX), diesel particulate matter (DPM), hydrocarbons (HC), carbon monoxide (CO) and carbon dioxide (CO2). 

Embrace a smarter, more efficient, and environmentally friendly way of driving with iRosesilk™ Eco-Efficiency Fuel Saver. Your journey towards a sustainable future starts here.

10 states now have average gas prices above $5 : NPR


Engine Emission

  • 1600CC or less (1 piece)
  • 1601-2600CC (2 pieces)
  • 2601-3200CC (3 pieces)
  • 3201CC and above (4 pieces)

* For turbocharged engines or four-wheel drive vehicles, add 1 more piece on top of the base amount.

* For diesel engines, apply one piece for every 40 horsepower.

How to Use iRosesilk™ Eco-Efficiency Fuel Saver

  1. Open the fuel tank door and cap, clean the area near the tank for application.
  2. Remove iRosesilk™ from packaging and peel off the backing.
  3. Allow iRosesilk™ to absorb the smell of gasoline for 5-10 seconds.
  4. Apply iRosesilk™ to the cleaned area.
  5. Close the fuel tank cap and door.
  6. Ignite the engine and idle for 5-10 minutes.
  7. Press the accelerator deeply a few times to observe the cleaning effect.
  8. Enhances power after 24 hours of use.
  9. Noticeable fuel-saving effects from the second or third tank of fuel.
  10. For best results, refuel at night, allowing the negative ions more time to penetrate.
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